Rotten Inside Out

by Skeletal

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Mike K.
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Mike K. Found out about this album after buying their newer full length on a whim. No disappointed. Had to get this older release for my collection. Favorite track: Intelligent Design.
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released October 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Skeletal Jyväskylä, Finland

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Track Name: Rotting Inside Out
withdrawal taking over
the pain starts again
shaking all over
falling to despair
too much time has passed
since the last hit
everything around you
doesn't mean shit
you cant find it
redemption comes too late, death is the only escape

what once was a high
is now a daily treatment
the cure slowly driving you insane
desperate attempt
inject a little more
maybe this time you wont awake
your choice is made

redemption comes too late, death is the only escape
no more energy to fight, living a slow suicide
no more than bone and skin, remains of a human being
feel your body breaking down, as you´re rotting inside out

completely fucked up by years of self abuse
tortured organs system is shutting down soon
barely breathing slowly dying waste of human flesh
take another hit, there's no other way
Track Name: Intelligent Design
ignorant by choice, satisfied in your
limited world view, based on fear
fear all change, and all progress
going backwards, comforting simplicity
thick skull, head against the wall
self, loathing
in secrecy, rotten from the start

intelligent design, science is an enemy
education is a threat
manipulate truth, keep them in the dark
ignore facts and make up your own
hollow words, of pretense
echo in their self righteous minds
is passed
hostility and bigotry
your true self nature

book of rules
only when convenient to you
spread your hate
through generations the practice continues

smother the urges, suppress emotions
uncontrollable frustration
live your life in denial, and suffer with the consequences
unbelievable hypocrisy, cant see the obvious irony
lash out with hate, to cover your self
full of fear, doubt and terror for your soul

deny the pleasures of life
don't differ from the narrow path
inability to think for yourself
intellectual coma
the seed is planted since birth
the fear of eternal hell
every action judged from above
internal conflict

thick skull, head against the wall
self loathing
in secrecy rotten from the start

no way to move forward
no resolution
arrogance overwhelming
to claim you have the answers
carry your burden to the grave
Track Name: Guilt Trip
human cattle destined to die, lead them to the slaughter
purify the gene pool, wipe them out make them bleed
no justice no court of law, beat out the confession
one way ticket to a mass grave, your final destination

volunteer for duty
service for mankind
workforce for genocide
part of the machine

there's no turning back now, blood is in your hands
used to be a normal man, brainwashed in to a killer
up close and personal, see the blood escaping
through their necks they gasp for air, slowly decapitated

feel rush of murder, as the knife goes in
morbid satisfaction another one in the grave
justification for murder
there's no crime in war
just obeying orders
the actions take their toll

feel your heart beating
wake up in a sweat
haunted by the acts you can never take back
pain you have inflicted
lives you took by force
long forgotten faces
forever haunting your dreams
hear them scream

years and decades in denial, distanced from the truth
past life you thought you left in the battlefield

guilt and self hate is your prison
suicide your last solution

people turn a blind eye, they choose not to believe
dark side of humanity, too much to comprehend
another massacre occurs
history repeats itself
its never ending
Track Name: Death By Burning
restless, cold and afraid, anticipation makes you insane
horror becomes reality, today is the day of your death

anxiety is all that you feel, as you walk through the hostile crowd
for crimes against god and state, burnt alive at the stake

anticipation ends
pay for your sins

flames are rising, torture begins
cant escape the heat, all you can do is scream
beaten down body, consumed by the flames
death by burning, a miserable end
time moves slow, minutes seem like days
skin turns to black, life fading away
internal bleeding, finally it ends
lungs collapsing
as you take your final breath

unimaginable pain
death is your friend